More hat

I started knitting another hat last night. I refuse to believe that people don’t need hats in the summer. 🙂 haha. Kidding. But this way I’ll have an inventory built up for when it gets cold again.

I haven’t done much with my boucle scarf for a while. I had used some rayon in the weft and I didn’t really like it. I felt like it took away from the bumpiness of the boucle, which is the whole point! So I pulled it out and tried weaving with the same stuff in the weft. I like it better, but now I think I beat it in too hard…I need to get better at just placing my shots instead of beating the crap out of it.

OH! Weaving on the cloque (clo-kay 🙂 sampler was fun! I really enjoyed working with the wool. It was weird for me because I always keep my tension really tight, but with the wool, you have to keep it loose or else it will just keep stretching. And since it’s a wool/silk combination warp, it’s even worse if you keep the tension really tight because the wool will stretch and the silk won’t. Eventually the wool will become so stretched out that even if you have the tension as tight as it will go on the silk, the wool will be droopy and loose.

I am planning on weaving my sections of the two linen warps in class tomorrow…ick. I HATE linen. It’s just…terrible. Hopefully I can get it overwith quickly.

Lauren was telling me a few weeks ago about a lovely wool scarf she made out of wool using a canvas weave. It’s really pretty. But Jeanne said when she saw it, “Canvas weave should only be done out of linen.” Well…I disagree. My canvas weave shawl was beautiful. 🙂 And so was the wool scarf!

Anyway, I think I’d like to do something with Tencel soon…And/or rayon…Oh and I really want to weave my Dune scarf… 🙂 Yes, sci fi nerd. Love it.


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