Awesome hat!

I finished knitting Ben’s hat. 🙂 It looks super cool. I was able to finish it and then felt it immediately because I was at mom and dad’s when I finished!
Felting it was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be. Mom has a front loader that locks whenever you start the cycle (they probably all do that, I just don’t know these things so it seems weird to me) anyway, usually when we felt stuff we have to hit the pause button, drag the stuff out while dripping all over the floor and making a complete mess of the laundry room. This time it was SOO simple! She said she had talked to a woman that just runs whatever the item is she wants to felt through the entire wash cycle start to finish instead of stopping to check it.

We decided to give it a try and it worked beautifully! She felted two sweaters to see what they would do and I felted 4 hats. (One of which was Ben’s)

Today I sat down and figured out how I’m going to line these hats with the micro fleece I have. It’s actually very simple. I think I ended up with about a 3 inch band. I think it probably ended up about 21 inches long to go all the way around the hat.

Initially I attempted to just sew it on there using my sewing machine…Well I didn’t like that you could see the stitches on the outside of the hat. So I opted to hand sew it using a whip stitch. (well…I did a janked version of a whip stitch, but it totally worked) I didn’t have to hem the fleece either.
When I first sewed it on there, I wasn’t holding the hat and fabric on tension so there was no room for expansion for when a head got put into the hat! I discovered this after I’d sewn the bottom half on. When I started sewing the top half of the fabric strip on, I pulled the hat over my knee so that it would mimic a head being in it. Once I did that, the stitches on the bottom broke in some places and I had to go back. Good thing I figured all this out before I tried to sell it someone!! 🙂

Anyway, it took a while, but it looks really good. You can’t see the stitches on the outside of the hat and it makes it SOO much more comfortable to wear because the scales of the wool to scratch at your skin anymore! I can’t wait to line my hat and finish my other one. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep my first one. Good ol’ Blue. I’m thrilled about the colors for my new one! It’s mostly black like my Spyder jacket (brand whore, I know) and since my jacket is accented by white and a really bright green, I decided to put stripes of white and avacado yarns in. The avacado is just the name of the color. It’s just a bright green. 🙂 It’ll look pretty good hopefully. Well I’m pretty tired. I’m still battling a cold and trying to sit there and sew that liner on wore me out. (that’s sad. I feel pathetic) So I’m going for now. 🙂 More yarns should be on their way soon and then I can finally have my 10.5 DPNs to finish my hats with!!


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