Oh my….

I went around town today looking for US Size 10.5 double pointed knitting needles. I checked the hobby store, Wal-Mart and the local yarn store. NONE of them had them!! Okay, the yarn store did, but it was $17.95! For 4 needles!! I asked my mom to check Knit Picks for me to see if they had them for cheaper… They did. They had a set of 5 bamboo DPNs size 10.5 for $6.00!! Are you KIDDING?! Well then I started adding a few things here and there that I needed. A cable needle, a couple of row counters so I can have them on more than one project at a time and I found this great kit that teaches you color work. (I’m a bit scared) But super excited. All this came to about $25.00…The thing with Knit Picks is that you get free shipping on orders that are $50+….So I texted Ben to let him know that I was ordering more stuff from Knit Picks and told him about my shipping dilemma. He is probably the sweetest man in the world. He told me to just go ahead and order the $50 dollars worth of stuff. WHAT?! Really?? Okay. So I did. They didn’t have the color that I wanted in the fair isle kit so I ordered some yarns for that and more yarn for felted hats. Oh my….I’m going to have SOO much knitting to do!! I have to get these hats knitted up and sold!! I’m probably going to get another huge box of yarns in the next week or so.

I’m intimidated by how much yarn I’m amassing, but I’m so excited because I love all of it and I love making the hats. 🙂 I have lots of micro fleece for liners. But here’s what I need to play around with: I was in the outdoor store today buying a new splash guard for my Nalgene bottle (I know, I’m totally a brand whore. I can’t help it…I’m also a good advertiser for all these companies I love!) ANYWAY! On some of the wool hats that were for sale they had sewn in a band of fleece that was just on the rim. It was basically so that the scales of the wool wouldn’t itch on the forehead. Well originally I had thought I would need to line the entire hat with the micro fleece, but now I wonder if I should just line the rim. I do think if I just line the rim, I’ll need to use a taller piece than what was on the commercial hats. I don’t think it would cover the whole forehead and you might still get some itching. (Not cool). I need to try actually sewing with that stuff…Well…Lots to do! I have to finish Ben’s hat and start mine! Ack!! Then I have a million more to knit up!! haha.


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