Warp Knitting!

Okay. This post is gonna be a complete throwback to the 80s/90s. Be prepared. Oh I’m also completely embarrassed at the quality of the pictures. (Tara, I have decided I hate flashes too…)

So in my textiles class we were talking about knitted fabrics. I gotta say, I love learning about textiles stuff, but knitting? Oh it’s so boring. I love to knit, but learning about it is just no fun.

We were talking about weft versus warp knitting. Weft knitting is what every hand knitter does. (The loops connect next to each other, horizontally, in the weft direction)
Warp knitting, as far as we knew, could only be done on commercial knitting machines. But then our teacher reminded us of a little thing called Loopers. Remember these?? If they weren’t a part of your childhood experience, it’s okay. I was all too happy to see a bag full of stretchy nylon rings just waiting to be made into something.

One of my friends even discovered how to make bracelets! After leaving lab that day, I immediately went home, cut up t-shirt sleeves and made the lovely necklace that you see around my neck. It made me so very happy. 🙂

So I decided to have 90s throw back day. I feel it was a huge success. I suppose it really should just be vintage day because the shirt I’m wearing was my dad’s…Probably from the 70s. HA! LOVE IT! It’s this weird fabric. Like some kind of thermal something. Not normal t shirt fabric. Still awesome though.
Just wanted to share. 🙂 If you want to become completely addicted to these little nylon rings, you can buy a potholder loom and loopers at Harrisville Designs. (you could probably get some at a craft store too, but I haven’t checked there)


One thought on “Warp Knitting!

  1. lol Love it! 90s Throwback Day was a complete success! And I love that it had an official name as well. 🙂 So creative.And, your picture quality isn't awful, don't worry! Doesn't having to use the flash make using natural light so much more wonderful?

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