Another lovely discovery!

Okay so I discovered another WONDERFUL thing that will make my weaving life oh so much easier!

Tying on to the previous warp!

Here’s how it works: When you’re done weaving and you’re at the very end of your warp, if you aren’t changing your threading or width, you simply wind the warp off as normal (same number of ends as previous warp), put it on the lease sticks and instead of sleying the reed and threading, you just tie each end to one end of the previous warp. Then wind the knots through the heddles and you’re all set to go again. It’s SOO easy!! It also wastes less yarn since you can pull the new warp further forward.

I had the blanket sampler warp still hanging on the loom and I decided to try putting a new warp on. Since my sett was really loose (10 epi) I decided to try a bit of a bulkier yarn. I bought some rayon boucle just after Christmas and I hadn’t tried it yet. I know it would need a loose sett and so I’m trying it with the previous “settings”. It looks pretty good so far! I shall try to put pictures up sometime next week. My back is aching a bit from dressing a loom for a sampler at school, weaving 30 inches on the waffle weave to finish it and then putting this boucle warp on. What a lovely day though. 🙂 All around fiberly. Just how I like it.

Oh! And my knitting yarn should be here by, like, Wednesday of next week!! I’m SOO excited!! AND! One of my friends from clay wants to buy a hat from me! Yay!!!


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