New things I'd like to try

I was re-reading through some of Weavezine’s featured articles today (I do this periodically to see what things I’ve “missed”)

Today I “discovered” a project on doup leno. Alright…I HATE leno lace. It’s one of the three worst experiences since I’ve started weaving. (The other two are Brook’s Bouquet and canvas weave with linen. I HATE linen. It’s horrible)

If you don’t already know, leno lace is a weaver manipulated lace-like weave structure. In English, you use a stick to pick up certain yarns, twist them around others and it creates a lacy look. Here are some images:

The natural/tan one is traditional leno lace. and the pinkish one is doup leno. (this image is from the article on Weavezine)

Okay. The difference between the two? From my understanding (I may be wrong because I haven’t done this yet) but if you choose to do the doup leno, it is 100% loom controlled. In other words, no messing around with a stupid pick up stick and twisting each pair of yarns by hand. (Can you tell I’m really not fond of pick up sticks?)

All this being said, I probably won’t have a chance to do this anytime soon, but I may show the article to my weaving class. They were all interested in the leno that one of the girls was weaving. We probably wouldn’t use such, ahem, vibrant colors. šŸ™‚

I also found a project that is basically skip dent. It’s pretty interesting as well. It can be done on a rigid heddle loom. If you go to Weavezine and search for Summer Breeze Scarf, it should bring it up. Pretty cool looking.

Oh another good thing about doup leno is that it can be woven on 4 shafts. šŸ™‚ More of that wonderful complicated cloth with only a few shafts. You don’t need 8, 10, 16 or 24 shafts to make cloth look complicated. I shall stand by my 4 shafts forever…Or at least until I have the money to buy 4 more. HA!

Seriously. I love my 4 shaft loom. šŸ™‚ Good ol’ Mac. I’m investigating what year he was made. I emailed the Macomber rep. (her blog is and she said she’d email me back once she had found something out about it. I’ll be sure to post about it whenever I hear back from her. I got curious because the looms at school have serial numbers in 6000’s and mine is in the 2000’s. Quite a gap, but I still don’t know when it was made EXACTLY.

I shall go for now. I just wanted to share this new, interesting thing that I want to try!! Even though I probably won’t get a chance to for a few months (or more).


2 thoughts on “New things I'd like to try

  1. I watched a video of someone doing leno on a rigid heddle loom (somewhere during my scouting of youtube for weaving videos) and I didn't understand it… you made it make sense šŸ™‚ Good explanation! And I bet it would be lovely for you to try, especially with your color sensibilities šŸ™‚

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