100th Post!!

Happy 100th Post!! Wow…That must mean I’m writing lots! Although, I know I’ve been missing quite a few lately…

I’ve been busy as always. Most of the time wishing to craft things but not actually being able to as often as I would like due to school and work.

I thought I’d include this image of some cool felted bowls.

I didn’t make them. I just googled the image. The reason for the felted item is…I just ordered MORE YARN!! You’d think I have enough at this point. Between the 7 pounds of Tencel I ordered right after Christmas and the 15 pounds of rayon I just got a couple weeks ago. But noooo… πŸ™‚ Can never have too much yarn. Well…You can…But I don’t.

Anyway, the yarn I ordered is for knitting which is completely different from all the weaving yarn I have. I realized that with giving Ben’s sister my last “good” felted hat, I needed to make more! I have to have some good ones that I’ll be able to sell…somewhere…I still haven’t figured that out. But I figure I can do that when I’m out of school. Just get through this semester and I can focus on crafting and finding a place to sell my work. Most likely I’ll start with Etsy and if I can find craft shows or something like that.

Anyway, I liked the image because I pretty much like anything that nests like that. Nesting bowls especially. I kept wanting to make all my bowls in my throwing class last semester nesting sets. But that didn’t work out too well. πŸ™‚

My camera is still dead so no new pictures that I’ve taken lately. I keep digging through all our electronic devices looking for AA batteries. But none of them have enough juice to run the camera.

In other news it’s STILL SNOWING!! I was telling Ben today I feel like I don’t even live in the same state anymore! We got about 2 inches last night and probably another inch today! And last I looked it was still snowing!!

I haven’t been up to the craft center this weekend so no more progress on the waffle weave. I REALLY need to get a picture of it so I can put it up here. πŸ™‚

I still need to wash the sample that I did for a blanket. But I haven’t had time to during class yet.

I haven’t done my 5 altered fabrics/papers and line drawings. Jeanne said that shooting for 1 of each a day would be a good place to start…I haven’t done any all weekend because they frustrate me so now I need to do them all today. Haaa…I’m actually not even certain we have class at this point. I will have to check my e mail tomorrow and see if they cancelled classes. They’re not starting until the 9:30 block for certain.

Well anyway, I hope to be able to start some knitting projects soon! I got a good range of colors and I got some bulky weight yarn to try as well to see if it’s any different from the worsted weight. I hope that works nicely. I shall go for now. πŸ™‚


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