ADD post

I need pictures. Why don’t I just BUY batteries for my camera? Then I could post pix of my lovely little waffle weave. (Double alliteration…Awesome)

I feel like my blog looks boring.

I want to weave all the time.

I want to make blankets.

Ben found this really cool company he wants to work for. Boykin Pearce in CO. (the table is by them)

I dreamed about living in CO last night…And about weaving…

Ruby Tuesdays was tasty last night! And I didn’t gain 10 pounds.

I’m going swimming today. I must! I didn’t yesterday and I won’t tomorrow or Sunday probably.

I like writing random lists of things I’m thinking. It’s fun. Things just keep popping into my head.

M’s and O’s is a really pretty pattern. (the scarf is done in M’s and O’s.)Lauren made a lovely piece with this pattern in all natural colored pima cotton. BEAUTIFUL. I covet. 🙂

Just some thoughts I’m thinking in my little head. 🙂


2 thoughts on “ADD post

  1. Hi Joanna!I've been following your blog for a while now, and I absolutely love it! Don't ever think it's boring, I'm always excited to see an update by you in my Google Reader! I know how you feel about wanting to weave all the time! I'm only just beginning to get used to weaving on my backstrap loom, I'm weaving bands and straps over and over! Just trying to get used to various designs, techniques etc! I too really want to weave blankets someday, but right now I'm terrified of hundreds of tangled warp threads! I'm now experimenting with 4-ply cotton and mercerized crochet cotton, after having trouble with sticky warps with wool! I wanted to ask you what kind of loom you use? Keep up the great work, online and onloom!Toby Tottle.

  2. Hi there!I use a 4 harness, 48" Macomber jack loom. (floor loom) The most ends I have ever used at this point, I believe, is around 450. If you just take your time, it's not so bad. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, walk away for an hour or so. Or even stop for the day. Thanks for reading my blog. Good luck with your weaving!JoAnna

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