Feeling better

Okay. I guess that was just a moment of overwhelmed-ness…I got a good chunk of things done. And I got good mini crits during weaving class today on my drawings. I just need to do MORE. MORE! I do like where I was going with the line drawings though. And they were fun. I’m definitely planning on using tape. I love the idea of that. And all the tape “drawings” that people did were very cool.

I began weaving the actual waffle weave! After a mess of tension and having to cut off and re-tie on. Ugh. It was annoying. And overwhelming. Apparently that just happens a lot nowadays. But it actually ended up being a good thing because it enabled me to see what the waffle weave looks like off the loom. It was only like 1.5-2 inches big, but it was enough for me to be able to tell that it’s verrry cool. It’s kind of amazing to me that it’s so simple. There’s no strange treadling, no weird threading, no pick up sticks, nothing complicated at all!! It’s a point twill threading (1,2,3,4,3,2,1) and then the treadling is really simple once it’s tied up. It’s straight up and down. It forms these LOVELY little squares! I’m extremely excited about it. The cloth that the 20/2 yarns create is so fine and pretty! I can’t wait to weave up some samples to wash and see what it feels like after the yarns full. Could be awesome. 🙂

God is encouraging. He gives me what I need when He knows I need it. And that should be enough. I need to wait for him and know that he never leaves me or forsakes me. Now if only I could get that to STAY in my head. 🙂

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