Itsy bitsy project

Okay, so the project isn’t itsy bitsy, but the yarn sure is!! I finished putting the warp on the loom at school. I only had two yarns that had to be switched in the reed and I only broke ONE warp yarn!! Amazing! I was terrified that all the yarns would snap the second I tried to put it on tension. I should have trusted in the fact that it was cotton. Cotton is kinda amazing. It really doesn’t break easily.

Anyway I’m really happy with how it all went. It’s tiny and a bit hard to see at moments, but it’s not really any different than any other yarn. I wove about an inch on it and GOODNESS it’s TINY!!! I just tried some plain weave because I haven’t tied the treadles up for waffle weave yet, but it makes such lovely, fine cloth. 🙂 I can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like when I take it off!

It IS going to need to be washed though. It was really weird, the yarn was kind of squeaky. Whenever I would pull on it to get the yarns untwisted it squeaked like when hair is too clean. I’ve never experienced that before. Huh. I’m excited to get going on the sampler!! I’m going to try some different yarns and inserts and stuff.

Paper/fabric alterations are going okay…I’m still not really happy with what I’ve done. But at least that’s going better than the line drawings. Those look like scribbles. I have no idea what I’m doing. Hopefully everything will all make sense soon!!


PS: I would have taken some pictures of the warp, but the batteries died in the camera. I’ll try to put some new ones in there and get some pictures this week. 🙂


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