Sampler? Whaa??

So today has been a pretty horrible day…I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed and it makes me want to quit school and hide in a corner and cry. 😦

I got some crappy grades in a class (although I’m still averaging a C in the class) But for some reason I let it get to me. I came home and I was so drained and frustrated and sad that I didn’t go work out like I normally do. I just crawled into bed. I know…I’m painting a pretty pathetic picture of myself.

Anyway I’ve been really wanting to weave a blanket ever since I got a loom. I haven’t ever woven anything over…maybe 20 inches wide? Something like that. I’ve been tossing around numbers for calculations for the blanket. I’m still not sure I know what I want to do…Answer? Sample!! So I put on a 6″ wide warp sett at 10epi using a combination of 5/2 perle cotton, cotton flake and 6/2 cotton in three different colors of blue. I only wound a warp of 2 yards long so it’s pretty short. I got the whole thing on in about an hour and I’m about halfway done weaving it up. Here’s some pictures. (I love my camera)

I like the colors, I just think I’m beating it in too tight for the sett. It’s probably going to be stiffer than I want. I may cut it off where it is and then weave another sample using a different beat. Not sure yet.

Ben helped make my day much better. 🙂 He was so sweet and helped calm me down by reassuring me that it doesn’t matter what grades I get and that my teacher can suck it. *lol* Then we went to dinner which was exactly what I needed. It was a sweet date and lots of fun. So a rotten day turned into a good day.


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