When I graduate, I would love to spend an entire summer just weaving and building up an inventory of things to sell. I would also like to build up the items in my hope chest.
Yes, I’m married. I know. But in Amish culture, the bride-to-be fills her hope chest first with items for married life and after she’s married she fills it with clothing and blankets and things for babies. I’d like to make clothes for my children…Is that weird? Probably. Oh well. I’m a weirdo. I can accept it. đŸ™‚ I’d like my entire house to be covered in handwoven items and other things that Ben and I have made. I can’t wait for this to happen!! It WILL happen someday. I just hope it happens when we’re living in CO. (hopefully!)
A friend in weaving class made this BEAUTIFUL blanket over the weekend. I wish I had TIME to whip out a gorgeous blanket in a weekend! Sigh. Someday I shall. For now I guess I’ll just keep day dreaming.

PS: I pitched the idea of a dining room space in an apartment as being my studio space and Ben was completely fine with it. I love him so much! It’s wonderful having a husband that fully supports my craft endeavors.


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