Today was like a scene from one of my favorite books. We went to lunch with mom and dad and my sister, Sarah. That’s not the book like part though. After a lovely luch we returned home for sledding!

We pulled out all the winter snow clothes and I happily went through all of them, remembering something for each one. The hat and scarf I wore as a child, the pom pom hat that my dad wore to play with us which was almost always aconpanied by sweatpants and newspaper bags on his feet in lieu of waterproof boots. I found the “swamp thing” gloves that belong to my sister and were named by my brother. I found several hats that my mother made as well as a lovely pair of fleece lined wool gloves. (one of the only pairs of gloves that has actually kept my hands warm.)

We pulled out the wonderful old sled that was my father’s when he was young. It’s wooden and was made in Canada. Ben did not trust it at first. He kept thinking it would break. To me, it was like seeing an old friend. We quickly tested it out on one of our favorite runs toward the left side of the yard. It was a thrill a minute with shrieks of joy and terror as we rushed down the hill toward the inevitable ditch at the bottom.

The ditch is the best part though. You hit it and just go right up. My habit is to just fall backwards after it stops. I would lie there for a moment and then hop up and attempt to run back up the hill to let someone else have a go.

The book it reminds me of is Louisa May Alcott’s Jack and Jill, as the beginning of the book has a scene where the children are sledding. That scene is what creates the rest of the story. It’s a wonderful book.

I found a lovely mustard yellow scarf in the box of snow clothes which I have adopted as my own. It’s long and thick and warm. Just the way a scarf should be. I can love knitted garments as well as woven ones! Even if it wasn’t knitted by hand. I can’t wait to put it with an outfit. I also wore my new leggings today which went wonderfully with my snow boots. I felt like I was all ready to take on the snow. 🙂

It has been a lovely day. I only wish I’d had the chance to build a snowman. The snow was too icy to be able to pack together for a snowman. That’s okay though. It was fun to be with family. I’m so glad Ben was home today. I was so worried about him coming home from work last night. He only had one slipping incident but boy howdy did it scare the crap out of me! We were on the phone, as we often are when he’s on his way home, and he starts yelling, “Shit shit shit shit oh shit!” and then the phone went dead. I thought he had wrecked and was dead. I immediately started praying and crying. He called back after about a minute and reassured me he was fine. I made him stay on the phone until he wad practically in our parking lot. And I gave him a big hug when he came inside. I hope we’re both okay going out to the craft center for school this week! Hopefully the snow will melt fast.


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