Getting Cable

As in the knitting pattern. I’m currently working on my first cable project. It’s a beret. I had a few minor problems with increasing (also a first) but I think with practice I’ll be fine.

Note: I need to change how I knit my knit stitches. Frustrating! But I think it’ll make my stitches look better when I use purl stitches with knits.

I’ve printed off a bunch of different patterns to try. I’m excited. Still on a quest to find the perfect cable knit hat that I can mass produce and sell.

I’m going to try knitting a scarf pattern that I tried previously and ended up pulling out. I stopped because I hate regular knitting needles. But now that I have the circular needle set, I can use the flexible needles. That’s the plan.

I’m looking forward to lots of knitting and learning!


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