A slower paced day.

I love Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester because I only have two classes Tues. and one class on Thurs. And weaving happens to be on those days. 🙂 I felt pretty chill in the studio today. I’ve got quite a few projects I’d like to try. Most of which have come from the Jan/Feb Handwoven.

Idea #1:
Ruffled scarf/sampler.
By using stripes of wool in the weft, I should be able to get an interesting looking ruffle when I wash the sampler/scarf. If it goes according to plan, the felt stripes will shrink and felt and the other fiber will not. My original idea was to try this with some lace weight wool and Tencel. The colors are almost exactly the same and it would be the coolest thing to take before and afer pictures.

Idea #2:
Weaving with wood inserts.
Another idea that came from Handwoven. With this one, you cut pieces of wood in curved shapes and use them as your weft. You use a sett that gives you a warp faced weave and it creates interesting shapes within the warp. Super cool looking.

What I’m currently doing with the sampler on the loom at school is testing wool as weft and cotton as warp. I want to see if it shrinks in horizontally. Jeanne said she doesn’t think it’ll do much because there isn’t a lot of room for the wool to move around. But I figured I should try right?

I have a lot of other projects in mind right now that I’d like to try. I really need to get another rayon scarf warp wound off. I may skip the 20/2 cotton idea for now. After weaving with this “big” 5/2 cotton, I don’t really want to go to something sooo small!! I like how quick I can weave a warp off the loom. And the rayon is on the larger side.

Jeanne wants us to experiment with altering fabrics. I’m not really sure what that entails. She said she wants to see what we think altered means. At this point, altering kinda means destroying. I guess I’m partially thinking in HEC Textiles mode where you put a fabric through all sorts of tests in order to test the stability and other characteristics of the fabrics. What could I use as altering tools? Some of my thoughts have been sand paper, bleach, exacto knife, weathering effects. I think it would be cool to leave fabric out in a tree or something and see what becomes of it. Hmm…Perhaps that could be an idea. She said to consider time as an altering tool.
I have lots of thoughts running through my head right now. But that’s a good thing. I want to plan more projects to try out.


One thought on “A slower paced day.

  1. Messed up that last comment. 😛 So lovely and hippy-dippy. "See what we think altered means." "Consider time as an altering tool." 🙂 LOVE IT.

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