A bit overwhelmed

I have a lot of homework this semester. 😦 It’s really frustrating. And I’m trying really hard not to freak out. I had a minor meltdown last night. I just have to remind myself that I just have to get C’s. That’s a low goal, but I can pretty much make C’s without really trying. I just gotta pass so I can graduate!

On a happier, more exciting note: I finished the napkins for my culminating project!! I’m pretty happy with how they look. I took some pictures last night, but I forgot to upload them. I’ll try and do that sometime this week. I have to wash everything and hem all the edges. I’m still debating whether or not I want to have one of my glass major friends make some glasses for the set. I kind of wanted everything to be made by me except for putting silverware on the table. But perhaps Ben is right and it would look better if I had the glasses. I’m going to have to figure out how to take professional pictures. I’m getting better, but I don’t know if I’m up to it by myself.

As for weaving, I’m planning on weaving with some 20/2 cotton. It’s the smallest gauge yarn I’ve ever worked with. It pretty much looks like sewing thread on the warping board. I’m a bit intimidated, but I want to keep myself challenged and try lots of different yarns. And since this was one of the cones mom and I bought from the loom guy, it was cheap and I don’t feel bad sampling on it. I really should probably put an actual SAMPLE warp on first, huh? I’m currently winding off an 8 yd. warp. But I’m not sure what sett to use. I was thinking 30 epi. From what I’ve read on various yarn info pages, the sett for 20/2 cotton should be somewhere between 24 and 36. Somewhere even said you could go as high as 40. So 30 should be somewhere in the middle. I don’t want it so close that it’s stiff. But I’m hoping because it’s so fine, it will have more drape than a 10/2 cotton. (What I wove my scarf set out of…Not pleased with the drape) I also really want to design some Tencel scarves. (Since I have 6+ pounds of it!)

So anyway, I guess I really just want to experiment and see what kind of cloth I get from weaving with this tiny yarn. In the book Mastering Weave Structures (Sharon Alderman) pretty much all the cloth is woven with 20/2 cotton. And the drape seems better than with thicker cotton yarns. That could be part of the trick of the photo though. I guess I’ll find out! And hopefully soon.


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