Recent weavings

I am happy to report that my apartment is warm. 🙂 I am currently only using TWO blankets instead of three or four. A new person moved in downstairs and apparently they are extremely cold-natured (always cold) because my floor is literally warm to the touch. Not hot, not uncomfortable, just warm. Pleasant. And WE don’t have to pay for it! Yay!!

Mom is participating in a craft show/sale tomorrow and asked if I had anything to give her. I’m going to give her these three scarves:

I think I finished them…Hmm…About mid December. But I didn’t have a camera so I couldn’t take pictures until now. I think I wrote about it…Well anyway, I’m EXTREMELY pleased with how they turned out. 🙂 Their hand and drape is amazing. It’s like holding a liquid. Yes. I’m pleased. I think I shall sell them for probably…$50. I don’t think I can really charge more than that and still expect people to pay. But I also don’t think it’s an unreasonable price because they ARE handwoven and the fringe is twisted by hand as well. I’m also going to give mom the three hats I have left…Wait…I might have more than that. And if I have time tonight, I might try to felt the other three that I have finished. We’ll see. I need to wind another scarf warp off though! And I need to try my new calculations to see if I can get a better length/width ratio. I feel like these three are too wide and not long enough. Practice, practice, practice! And if someone wants to buy my practice, that’s completely fine. 🙂


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