I forgot! Scarf length

I was thinking about scarves the other day and I really don’t like the length I’ve been using as my standard. I’ve been going for 75″. (I forgot if that’s including fringe) But I feel like that’s really too short. Nowadays you see all these people walking around with really wide scarves wound in various ways around their necks.

My point being: I think I need to weave scarves that are at least 84″ long, AFTER finishing, NOT including fringe. I think my width is okay, could be wider. I usually weave scarves somewhere between 7 and 10″ wide. They could be wider. I may try to weave some that are. I just wanted to have a record of this thought process somewhere that I can actually find it again! I’m really bad about keeping notebooks. They’re so handy, but I forget to put all the notes I jot down, patterns I find and print, etc. in one place where I can find them again. Perhaps if I at least had one ROOM to put everything in, it would be better. Or a desk…Ohhhh! I need a studio…Or a desk…Or a bigger apartment!


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