Fiberly thoughts running through my head

1. I bought some micro fleece to line hats and cowls with and it’s awesome! I might go back and buy a few more yards so I can make some pants out of it.

2. I need to learn to cable knit! Where can I learn?!

3. My 6.7 lbs of Tencel is on its way to my apartment right now. I’m really excited!

4. I’m experimenting with some new acrylic yarn I bought yesterday. I’m trying to make a neck warmer for Ben to wear while working out in the COLD.

5. I need to finish weaving the second placemat today!!

6. Next week I’ll be back in the fibers studio!

7. I’m learning to love my mini EFS. I feel disloyal to my Leclerc boat shuttles

8. I would really love to do some painted warps while in the fibers studio this semester. (Even if I have to buy my own dyes)

9. I might be learning how to spin this semester!

10. I want to make leg warmers…Would woven legwarmers be weird? *lol*



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