Still no computer…

I don’t really have many updates about weaving or fibers. It’s been really cold in the house and I’m trying not to spend a lot of money by running the heater. I’m so cheap. It’s sad sometimes. haha.

The computer still isn’t back yet. The friend we gave it to to fix said it’s virus free (as far as he can tell) and they should be able to get it back to us soon. We would have gotten it back Sunday, but their roads were very icy and they couldn’t get out. So I again have no pictures to show. That’s okay. 🙂 I’m not distraught.

We had a fun day hanging out with friends yesterday. We had lunch with a friend and his fiancee (newly engaged!) and his family and that was lots of fun. We’ve both known him for a long time and we’re all really close so we’re happy for him. She’s a great gal. 😉

We went to Nashville for dinner to chill with some friends that we hadn’t seen since school ended. That was lots of fun too. We went to the Opreyland Hotel and walked around the garden areas. One of my good friends and I were acting quite silly and it was fun to just be dorks and laugh and act like kids. There’s not really any reason to stop doing that every now and then. Yeah, we all have to grow up, but sometimes being silly and acting crazy can be really good for you.

I’ve been trying to knit more hats. I have two done and ready for felting and another one almost done being knitted. I also have a cowl that I want to try and felt to see what happens to it and if it’s something that I could use. It’ll probably get too small, but I think maybe felted cowls could be cool. We shall see. 🙂

I can’t remember if I said or not, but I ordered a bunch of Tencel from Webs the other day. After the horrible experience with Halcyon, Webs didn’t seem so bad and I was happy to order from them again. I’m pretty excited. I got some fun colors!
Here they are:

I love them!! I’m really excited to use the lemongrass green with the aqua, natural, gold and a navy that I had from a previous order. A friend did a rep weave rug using those colors in cotton and I fell in love with the combination so I’m stealing it. 🙂 I think perhaps a scarf. Of COURSE!! I always think scarf. But Tencel is good for wearables. I might use it to make a shrug like the one she makes here. I Love this idea. It’s really simple. I wonder if a blanket would be nice out of Tencel…Hmm…I could also do this project. She weaves it in sections and sews them together. I have the width for a blanket, but it’s SO MUCH YARN!! AAAHHH!! I think I’d like to try my first blanket out of cotton because it’s cheap… 😀 I have so many projects I want to do!! 😦 maybe someday I’ll have time to do them! I hope so! For now, I’ll just plan them and keep the calculations in my notes.


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