Halcyon Yarn Saga

I recently placed an order with Halcyon Yarn for a Bluster Bay Closed Bottom Mini End Feed Shuttle and some paper quills to go with it. I had received a gift certificate from my grandmother for Christmas that was to go towards the EFS. I was really excited about it!
Well a few days after I placed the order I got a strange email addressed to someone else and saying that “my” perle cotton was on back order. Naturally this confused me and so I called to see if something had gotten messed up with my order. The lady that worked in the retail store was actually pretty nice and helpful and said I would need to talk to someone in shipping about this, they were out and would be back in on Monday. She said she would leave her a note and shipping would call me back.

Well Monday rolls around and I get a call around 3:00pm. The lady from shipping was a bit short with me and “apologized” for the confusion. She said they missed my order and hadn’t even shipped it yet. (I ordered it on 12/28, it was then 1/4) So then I asked a simple question of whether or not my gift certificate had been applied. She got all flustered and upset and said she didn’t know and needed to check into it. I asked if she would need the number again and she said, “No I can figure it out on my own.” and basically hung up on me. Okaaay…so they’re pissy. Got it. Well at least I knew my order had shipped and they took off the shipping charge because they missed the order.

Then yesterday (Tuesday) I was checking my bank statement online and I had TWO charges from Halcyon. One for $87.50 and one for $27.50. So I had to make another call to Halcyon to find out if I was being charged twice. Well, they were no more friendly than the last phone call. The woman tried to be (I think). I explained the situation and that I was confused why I had two charges. Well the lady got all flustered and said, “Oh you’ll have to talk to someone in bookkeeping. Let me put you on hold.” Okay, not a big deal. Well she put me on hold and about 2 minutes later came back and said she would tell the lady to call me back because she didn’t want me to have to wait.

I was pretty upset because I don’t really see how it’s a difficult question to answer. Was I being charged twice or not? So I called back about ten minutes later and asked to speak to someone in book-keeping. The same lady answered and said the book keeper was at lunch but did I want to leave her a voice mail. I’m pretty sure they’re on eastern time so I didn’t understand why she was at lunch at 1:30 in the afternoon…I left the message clearly explaining the situation and asking her to please call me back so we could resolve this.

Well she didn’t call me back. I called them AGAIN this morning and asked to speak to someone in book keeping. The lady told me she was on the phone with someone else and asked if I wanted to hold. So I said I would. The book keeper got on there and was also very short with me. I had to spell my last name (Which is NOT that difficult to understand) FOUR TIMES. And she still couldn’t pull it up. Then she asked, “It’s Joann right?” And I was like, “No. It’s JoAnna. There’s an A at the end.” Why is that so hard to hear? My entire life I’ve never been able to understand why people can’t understand that there’s an A at the end of my name?! Well at this point, she was annoyed with me. (Or at least she was certainly acting that way.) And in my defense, I really had been nothing but pleasant. I was getting frustrated, but after three years of working in food service and two in other forms of customer service, I’ve learned how to sound pleasant when I don’t feel pleasant. She finally figured out that they had charged me once without the gift card and voided it and then charged me again with the gift card.

Was that really THAT difficult? Is it so horrible that a customer is confused and wants to know what’s going on with her bank account and her order? Look, normally I don’t like it when people stereo-type northerners because I’m from the “north” (Ohio kinda doesn’t count as the north, but it does to southerners) I’m a pretty honest and truthful person. I’m not always southern sweet. But this lady had absolutely no reason to be upset or hateful with me and yet she was. If you’re going to be talking to people at all or be in ANY form of customer service, LEARN TO BE PLEASANT!!

Even if you’re angry. Get over it and deal with the customer kindly. Even if they’re being horrible to you. That’s how it works. It sucks, but that’s customer service. Suck it up, do your job and don’t take it out on me. It’s not really that hard. If you’re really annoyed with the customer, deal with them pleasantly, and if you’re still fuming afterwards, bitch about it to your co-workers when you get off the phone. I don’t care if you’re unpleasant then. I can’t hear it and I would probably do the same thing.

Anyway, I am NEVER ordering from them ever again. They’re incompetent, unpleasant, hateful and ignorant. And their prices are far too high. Once I get my shuttle and quills, that’s it. I’m never dealing with them again. The End.


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