This is what I’m currently working on. My sweet brother bought us a camera for Christmas so now I can take lots of pictures! These will be the first two of four placemats for my culminating project. I’m a bit stuck right now. I just fixed a threading error and I thought I was all set and ready to weave but once I started weaving tabby, I’m not as happy with it as I thought…So I’m taking a short break.

I ordered my Bluster Bay Mini End Feed Shuttle today!! I’m SO excited! I ordered some paper pirns to go with it so that I would actually be able to weave. They were pretty cheap. I went ahead and got 10 so I could get the discounted price. With my gift certificate I think it came out to like $47.95 or something. So that’s really good. I can’t wait for it to get here!

Ohh!! When we were coming back from South Carolina we stopped in Ashville at Earthguild It’s a little weaving/fibers shop. They’re a little expensive online and they don’t have a really big selection, but it’s great to get to go to the actual store because they have mill ends for sale for pretty dang cheap. I got almost 5 pounds of yarn for $31 bucks!

These three are the cones I got. The honey colored one and the red one are rayon blends. They are also Bouclé yarns so they’ll add some texture. The green one (It’s actually kind of more of a teal/hunter green) is 8/2 MERCERIZED cotton. It’s kind of hard to find for some reason, so I bought it partially because of that, but also the color is just wonderful. I think the red and yellow could look really nice together. Or the green and yellow. I have some other rayon in my stash that I could put either with as well. I think the cotton would go well with some tencel perhaps. It would make a lovely scarf. (Of course!) We’ll see. I’m always excited to find yarns for cheap! I still have a Webs gift certificate. Perhaps now I can buy some things that will go nicely with these three cones I just bought.


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