Updates and excitement

My plan since October has been to weave these stinking placemats and napkins over Christmas break and I still haven’t finished ONE warp! I don’t even have Mac dressed yet. ARGH! Frustration is setting in…

I’m planning on working on it this afternoon. I’ve gone back to my original idea and I’m skipping the overshot. It’s going to be too complicated and too much of a gamble. I don’t have time to do a sample and I really think the yarn is going to be too fine even if I use two shots per pattern pick. I’m okay with it though. I think it really does make it more like me if I skip the overshot blocks. I like to keep things simple. So I am and that’s just how/who I am. 🙂

In my world of ceramics, I’ve had some exciting developments. I made some mugs for a friend to give to his girlfriend for Christmas. I had been planning to make these for him since this summer (when I didn’t even know how to make them) I was not expecting him to pay me for them at all. It was a gift for him to not have to pay for his gift for his girlfriend. Well once he saw them, he insisted that he pay me. I tried to tell him no, but he wouldn’t allow it. So I am accepting a little. But I’m still giving him a really good deal. He also bought two bowls for his gf that I made. And I ended up giving him two more because he wanted them and I said they were HIS Christmas present. 🙂 There are other possible sales coming up, but I shouldn’t say anything until they’re final.

Okay, I was not expecting to sell ANY of the things that I made this semester. Seriously. Not because I don’t WANT to sell them, I just didn’t think it would happen. But apparently, buying things from friends is cool and it doesn’t matter if the stuff is a bit sub-par (I’m sure those buying the items would disagree. It’s probably just me being all negative because it’s something I made and I only see the flaws when I look at it.)
Anyway, it just makes me super excited to get going with my clay work!! I must!! I must!!
Well my mother has an electric kiln she bought last year(?) for $65.00 (SUPER GOOD DEAL!!) Anyway, it needs a little work (new coils, new switch, new cord) but I don’t think it’s really anything major. So I think I’ll probably e-mail the ceramics teacher at school and ask if he would be willing to look at it if I brought it up there. He’s pretty easy-going so I’m sure he’d be willing to help me. Also, my husband’s grandfather is a master electrician so any electrical work that may need to be done shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get fixed. I’m hoping to make that happen when school starts back.

Also, I’ve been knitting more cowls lately. I think I’m getting faster I completed almost two yesterday evening. The only reason why I didn’t finish the second was because I was showing my sister-in-law how to knit and I stopped to eat dinner. (Both of which were good, fun things) I’m currently knitting with some acrylic yarn I have in my stash. I’m not really crazy about acrylic or any other synthetic fibers. I just don’t like them. They don’t feel or behave right. That’s partially due to only being able to use natural fibers with the dyes we use in the dye studio. But I just really prefer natural fibers. They feel nicer, I understand how they are supposed to behave and they’re NATURAL!! Anyway, I’m thinking it might be good to build up a little bit of an inventory of these lovely items and having some synthetic ones will be good because natural wool can be a pain to wash. So it’s all good. 🙂 Phew! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I wrote, but so much has happened!! Christmas is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to it. 🙂 I’m excited to give mostly handmade gifts this year. I hope everyone likes what they get!


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