Busy busy busy!

I haven’t had time to post lately because I’ve been so busy with the end of school. I took my last final of the semester yesterday. Yay!! I got an A in the class. (Good feeling) Another yay!! 🙂 I’m still waiting to hear back on three other grades, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get A’s or B’s. Very unlike me. I haven’t had a lot of semesters where I didn’t get at least ONE C. Math and chemistry classes mostly…and my history classes. Or when I had two fibers classes at a time.

Speaking of fibers classes… 🙂 I’m SOOO excited about next semester! I’m finally getting back over to the fibers studio (After a year’s absence) I’ve been taking ceramics classes (And enjoying them very much) But I really do miss the fibers studio. I’m very excited about Weaving II. My instructor said it will be very different from how she has taught it before. It will all be very experimental and conceptual. It will be a big challenge for me going from two semesters of functional, 3D work to 2D, conceptual/sculpture-like (possibly) work. I’m kind of intimidated. But I know it’ll be good for me to stretch my brain and push myself in a different direction.

I haven’t had time to work on my placemats for a few weeks. So it’s just been sitting there half in the reed, half out. I had some minor setbacks and I’m going to re-sley the reed because I think 30 epi is going to be too close. So I’m gonna re-sley at 20 which is frustrating to do in a 15 dent reed because it means a sleying sequence. (1-1-2 in this case) It’s not really hard to remember, but it’s annoying. Plus I wound off two bouts that I don’t need now that I’ve changed the sett. I think I can still pull them off and save them (Even though I’ve already cut the ends. If I just put a bunch of ties on it and make sure I tie the cross really well, I should be fine. I wound off two extras on the blue warp too and I would need 5 bouts to make something else. (Towels, runner etc.) If I have time, I might make a runner for the set in a plaid. That could be really nice. The warp isn’t really long enough for anything else so that would be lovely. I just have to decide what to do for that last bout. I was thinking I might throw a bout of the variegated that I’m using for the napkins in there to sort of tie everything together. But we’ll see. At least I have a plan. Now I just have to get weaving!!


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