Beginning of the end

I began putting the first warp on for my culminating project in college. I scared myself pretty bad the other day. I got to thinking, I won’t be living in our little apartment in just a few months. We may not even be living in the same town! I’ve lived here since I was 5 years old! I’m scared and excited at the same time.

More about the project though. (I’m excited) I think I’ve already said this somewhere, but sometimes I just need to write things again. It’s like hearing it out loud and I’m a very auditory person.
I’m supposed to combine my two concentrations within my major of interdisciplinary studies. My concentrations are interior design and art. Well, personally, I think those two things go hand in hand anyways. I started trying to formulate exactly what I was going to do.

I’ve decided to make four place settings for a table. I will be weaving placemats and napkins and I have thrown ceramic plates and bowls. They all have the common colors of green and blue. (because those are the colors of yarn I had…And I love those colors!) I’m going to weave two green placemats and two blue placemats. The napkins will be a variegated yarn that combines the blue and the green. I have made two plates that are primarily green and two that are primarily blue. Same goes for the bowls. I wanted all of the pieces to have a common theme, which is the colors. I have also used a motif that is constantly stuck in my head, three stylized leaves.

I have been considering weaving an overshot edge on the placemats that uses a honeysuckle pattern, but I’m afraid that my sett will be too tight. I guess I really should have sampled. I think I’ll have some space to sample at the beginning of the warp. So I’ll probably do that and see what happens. The placemats only need to be 22″ long. (compensating for shrinkage and hems. I would like them to be 19″) Anyway, I have 108″ (3yds) for warp length. Minus 27″ of shrinkage gives me something like 80″ to actually weave. Well 80 divided by two does not equal 20 so I should have enough room to sample a little at the beginning. It just seems strange for the warp to be so short, but I’m getting exactly what I need. Two placemats.

Anyway, I’m almost done sleying the reed (I warp front to back) Threading will be frustrating…It usually is. Mostly because I don’t really have enough room in my apartment to fold down the back of the loom so I can actually get to the harnesses. Perhaps warping back to front would make more sense, but I’ve not learned to do that yet. So we’ll just ignore that and do this the only way I know how.
For the actual project part of this whole thing I have to write a ten page reflection paper explaining why and how these two majors are combined and why I chose to do what I did. I think of it like an artist’s statement. Although I really prefer my artist’s statements to be about a page long when talking about a project. Oh well. I can do this! Now, if only I was at home working on it…


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