Twisting Fringe…Changing plans

For both of the scarves I’ve sold/traded I hand twisted the fringe. It looks great, but my poor fingers still hurt. I’d better get used to it. I have to twist the fringe on the next four scarves that come off the loom. I can feel the pain already.

So I think I might be changing the plan a bit for my place mats… I’m thinking now that I’ll do an overshot pattern on the ends of each to add a little more visual interest. True, it will be covered up on one side by the napkins, but that’s okay. I think it will help tie the place mats to the bowls and plates better. I’m planning on weaving a pattern called honeysuckle. It looks like the flowers that I constantly draw and that I painted in slip on the bowls and plates. I can’t wait until I get all my stuff fired so I can glaze it and get to the fun part: taking it out of the high firing! It’s like they say, it’s just like Christmas every time you open that kiln door. I can’t wait!


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