Sale and Trade

I sold another scarf!! I’m pretty excited. It’s kind of funny, way back in September, my textiles professor stopped by the Fall Fun Fest booth and I happened to be there. She saw one of my scarves and said she LOVED it. She told me that day she would probably be back to buy it later in the day, but she never came back by.

Yesterday in class she asked me if I would be selling any of my work in the annual Holiday Sale that takes place at the Craft Center after Thanksgiving. I told her I wouldn’t because I am not a member of the Visual Arts Society. (VAS) She then asked if I still had the blue scarf that she was looking at and if I would want to sell it to her. Here’s the picture of the scarf I’m selling to her.

OF COURSE I said yes!! I went home immediately after class and twisted the fringe so that it would be machine washable. I had forgotten to twist it after I took it off the loom. But it’s all ready now and I will be charging her $60 for it. It was originally $50, but I think since the fringe was twisted by hand, it was acceptable to charge a little more.

Well funny story, I took the scarf with me to the clay studio last night just in case I had some time to work on the fringe a little more and I was telling a good friend of mine about how I was selling it. She asked if I had any other scarves and I said I did. I told her I had one that was green and purple. (This one)

Well she got really excited and said those were her favorite colors! She asked if I wanted to trade something for it. That was pretty much as exciting as selling it to her. So I’m trading her the scarf for three serving bowls. 🙂

I really like the idea of people I know having the things I make. I love sharing them with people. (Selling, trading, giving etc) It makes me happy to know that something I made, enjoyed making and loved is going to someone that will really enjoy it. I know my textiles professor will love the scarf she’s getting because the moment she saw it, her eyes lit up. She loves textiles and fabric and fibers so she appreciates it on a different level.

I know that my friend will love her scarf because she has an appreciation for crafts, weaving, and loves the colors. It’s so encouraging and fun to have work to sell. I really need to build up an inventory so that I’ll have MORE things! As of now, I have one bag left from the work I made this summer and that’s IT!! Crazy!! I’ve sold (or traded) three scarves, a bag and a hat. And the hat and two of the scarves were in the past week! I need to get planning projects and get warps wound off so I can get projects going! Success (even in a small form) is very exciting and encouraging.


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