Scarf #3

Perhaps it was in response to the Weavezine article, or maybe it’s because I’ve never tried it, but for my 3rd scarf on the warp I’m trying a basket weave. I was trying to figure out something that wasn’t twill that I could do on a tabby (straight twill) threading. I was trying to get all complicated with it and it didn’t work. So I ended up with a nice tabby variation. I’m actually pretty excited about it.

I really like how my selvages are turning out. I think it’s because it’s the basket weave and it goes around two yarns instead of just one. I am weaving with two shuttles because I find it easier than to have to wrap around the selvage yarn each time I throw a shot. I am using a rayon weft that matches the tan stripe down the middle. I did some striping at the beginning of the scarf to give it a little more interest. It was a little annoying to do because I kept changing the bobbin every 10 picks to change to a different stripe color, but it looks great so I don’t really mind. It’s only 5 inches of striping. I think I can handle that. I used a bright yellow for the stripes. It looks really neat!

I’ve been trying hard not to complain about my lack of tools, space, yarn etc. But unfortunately, I can’t stop thinking about Bluster Bay mini end feed shuttles. 😦 It would probably be beneficial for me to test one of the things first, but I don’t have any way of doing that. I have thought about getting a different brand because I think Schacht or LeClerc might be cheaper (I can’t remember) But the thing that I really like about the BB is that it’s a MINI. It’s only 11″ as opposed to 13″-15″. I generally do narrow warps (Which I’m sure won’t always be true) but right now it doesn’t make sense to have a shuttle that long. Perhaps when I weave my first blanket I can use it as an excuse to buy a larger one. 🙂 I WISH I could weave my first blanket now. But I’m really just happy I’m able to weave at all. I have to remind myself of that…(Often)

I’m a bit torn because I also really want to get this lovely set of interchangeable circular knitting needles from Knit Picks.

Aren’t they pretty?? So I don’t know what I want to get. Yeah, yeah. Christmas is coming up. I know. I’ll probably ask for fibers tools. (A first, actually) We’ll see.


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