A little bit of weaving

I got to weave a little more last night. I have finished the sampler section of the warp which is a bit short for another scarf, but perhaps it could still be used for something. It was helpful to figure out what I DON’T want to do. Seems a bit backwards, but that’s okay.

I found a scarf striping pattern I liked on a friend’s facebook. The main body of the scarf is cream but at each end it has a series of stripes in brown, yellow and green. Since I don’t have any brown yarn to work with, I will be using an ash color instead. Perhaps I will be able to test it later this week. But right now, I’m pretty busy with school. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do for the other two scarves on the warp…But my yarn is on the way from Knit Picks so perhaps I’ll end up using some of that to weave with.

I ordered some lovely variegated lace weight yarn in a colorway called “Spice”.

As you can see, lovely. I’m very excited about it. This might end up looking nice with the warp I have on there. We’ll see!


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