More yarn

My sweet sister gave me a gift card for Knit Picks for my birthday. I have been really excited about it and have been agonizing most of today over what to get. Originally I had thought I wanted to buy a kit to learn Fair Isle knitting, but I changed my mind after looking around for a while. Once I got to thinking about it, I decided this was a good chance for me to test out some yarns with new and different fiber content than what I have previously used.

I bought a few skeins of lace weight yarn that I plan on using for weft in weaving. And a bought some more skeins for knitting hats (that I will most likely end up selfishly keeping for myself.) And I also bought a skein of merino, alpaca and silk that I plan on using to knit a scarf…also for myself. 😀

I know, I know, I’ll have to sell things eventually. But right now, I need to get a handle on how things work and all that jazz. And I can’t very well go around selling all of my tests right? That makes my selfishness justified…Almost…haha. Anyway, when I have an actual budget set aside for buying yarn specifically for projects to be sold, I won’t keep everything I make. Also, we agreed that I’m not going to be using weaving to make money with. It’s pretty much for my enjoyment. (What a blessing!)
Ceramics…that’s a different story. I plan on makin’ money off of that. I’ve been thinking a little about it and considering how I want to run my studio. I don’t think I really want to make entire dinnerware sets to sell. My instructor said he did that for a long time and he ended up getting out of it because, basically, he got sick of making the same thing over and over again. And customers just wanted to add to their sets not try new and different things. He said if you can be successful making different things, then you’re set because people will want you to do new things. I’d like to make small sets…As in like a set of 4 mugs, pie plates, etc. Or maybe use the same glaze or surface decoration but not have the shapes match.

Anyway, back to yarn. I truly am excited about all of it. 🙂 It will be fun to plan projects for each skein. For the lace weight I’m planning on using it just in the weft…Possibly in a mixed warp, but probably not. (It scares me too much) I bought one in green that will go really well with an olive green Tencel I have, one that is sort of an aqua color that will be pretty with a navy Tencel I have. (Love Tencel!!) And I got one that is variegated in fall colors that I plan on using a rayon warp with. All of my rayon cones are in natural colors which will go really nicely with the colors and tones of that skein. I can’t wait to hold them and feel them!! AAAAHH!!! Oh dear. When did I become SUCH A NERD?!?! Oh well. At least I’m in good company.


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