Quick and Painless

I finished putting the scarf warp on Mac this afternoon. So now I’m all set and ready to weave. The part I’ve been dreading is winding on. All summer I’ve had so many problems winding on every single warp. It’s taken me over an hour to wind on a 3 yd. warp. I think it once took me 4 hours to wind on a 5 yd. warp. Ridiculous!! No wonder I’ve been dreading it!

Well a while back I posted about how I had been performing the technique I saw in Syne’s blog incorrectly. Today was the first time I tried it with correction. It took me about 15 or 20 minutes to wind on an 8 yd. warp!! And that’s with stopping to fidget with choke ties, thrums, texting occasionally etc. Wow. The yarns were all orderly and I only had one warp yarn break right near the beginning because I wasn’t paying attention and pulled too tight. I’m still a bit in shock right now. So that makes getting to my favorite part (weaving) even easier. I don’t mind taking the time to dress my loom. It doesn’t really bother me because I know what I’m going to get out of it.
But if it doesn’t have to take upwards of 10+ hours to get a warp on and ready to weave, I’m perfectly okay with that. Anyway, the yarns look really nice together. I was a little worried that the tan might be too tan and make the yellow just look icky. But it looks nice together. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing for weft right now… (Which is why I’m blogging not weaving)

I don’t have much of the yellow yarn left. Perhaps instead of trying to get a 4th scarf out of the warp I’ll sample some ideas to get a clearer picture of what I want. That would give me about 30-40 inches for a sampler…Or something like that. Yeah. that will work. I’ll sample some yarns and some ideas and then weave 3 scarves. Well I’m glad I have something on there. I’m still not sure that any weaving will actually get to take place before school ends, but that’s okay. At least it’s on there. I choose to remain positive.


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