I made the unfortunate mistake of looking at Webs and Yarn Barn today to see what’s new. Well not much is new, but it still made me want to buy yarn. 😦 There are these two lovely rayon colors from Yarn Barn that I wish I could buy!! Gold and curry.
*sigh* It goes with my current kick of fall colors. But it’s not just fall. I’m just discovering them because it IS fall. Well…I’ve always loved that gold color. 🙂

Anyway, I am hoping to start sleying the reed and threading today. I hope everything goes smoothly since I haven’t woven anything in about 2 months or so.
Back to the note of wishing…I wish that I could buy a new reed. 😦 I really do need a new one. Since the reed I currently have is metric (6dpc. Which is APPROXIMATELY 15 dpi) approximately is the problem. Since I’m using a sleying sequence to get a different sett than the reed “automatically” provides, the project is always off center by about an inch…sometimes less.

I was taught to measure the width of the reed, find the center, measure to the left of center half the width of the project and begin sleying from left to right. Generally this comes out only off by a few dents, but with the metric reed, it ends up off more than that because cm aren’t the same as inches. And since 15 dpi is pretty tight, it doesn’t matter how much I clean the reed or how many things I weave, it still seems to catch the yarn when I’m weaving.

Well…Lets not get all depressed. I’m still happy about the lovely weaving I get to do. I have an 8 yd. warp going on, and I SHOULD be able to get 4 scarves out of that. I know I used 11 yds. when weaving my last 4 scarf set, but I’m planning to make these shorter. I calculated a full yard of waste (which I’m sure I won’t need) But generally (depending on the yarn’s fiber content) I end up with aprox. 28″ of waste. I calculate high because often when I am winding the warp on, it gets really tangled by the end and I end up just cutting it off. It’s one of those decisions you make about yourself as a weaver. Am I more concerned with not wasting yarn or enjoying the process? Answer for me: Enjoying the process. If I end up frustrated and walking away from it because it’s too hard to get the knots out without breaking yarns, I cut it off.

Anyway, I still have to work the numbers out a little more to make sure I have everything right, but I think it should be no problem to get 4 scarves. I was reading in my handy-dandy Weaver’s Companion that the “normal” length for a formal woman’s scarf is something like 45-48 inches. CRAZY!! I prefer my scarves long and lanky. I like them to hang down to my hips when wrapped once around my neck. For me, that’s aprox. 72″.
Since I am just going to weave tabby I’ve been thinking of ways of spicing things up a little. I found this lovely project on the Schacht Spindle site: http://www.schachtspindle.com/yearning%20to%20weave/lesson_03.php

One of the things she does in this lovely little scarf is weave in loose roving for spinning/felting.

I have some roving that my instructor gave us that she didn’t want anymore and I think it would be fun to try weaving in some of that. It is 100% wool, but since it will be in such small quantity, I don’t think felting or shrinkage should be a problem. Again, it’s an experiment. I’m also going to try the stripe idea I had. Now if only I can get out of this office and get to my loom!!


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