Weaving on the mind

I can’t seem to stop thinking about weaving lately.
Today I had some thoughts. I think I’d like to do some scarves with some simple stripes in them. It could be quite pretty. I think knitting is teaching me about proportions and stripes. It just translates a little differently to weaving.

For example: I was thinking I’d do green Tencel stripes in the scarves I’m planning on weaving. (or at least in one) If I was knitting a hat, it would be like knitting 10 rows of green, 3 of white, 7 of green, 3 of white, 5 green, 3 white, etc. But in weaving I’d have to throw quite a few weft shots to get the green stripes to be the same length they would be in knitting. It depends on how thick the yarn I’m weaving with is, but since it would be 8/2 Tencel, that’s pretty thin. I’ll just have to experiment. I’ll have to measure exactly how many inches the striping takes up on the first side and then weave the middle and when I get to the right number of inches left, I begin the stripe pattern again, just backwards so that they match. This could work!
Sometimes I just have to say things “out loud”.


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