Christmas Came Early…

It came home in the form of to boxes full of handmade ceramic bowls, mugs, tumblers and tea bowls.
I am taking a ceramics throwing class this semester in school and it has been difficult but wonderful. Our mid-semester critique was yesterday and I got to bring home 17 bowls, 13 mugs, 11 tumblers and 25 tea bowls. They’re all lovely. I must say, I feel about the same about tea bowls as I do about pinch pots: useless. But that’s okay. I made some really pretty ones.

I was rather saddened by one of the comments another student made about the clay bodies we use at school. She asked if there was a clay body we could use that didn’t have speckles in it. 😦
My professor’s response was, “Ohhhhh! I cannot believe you’re asking me that.” The most wonderful thing about handmade pottery is that it has the speckles and doesn’t look like commercial/manufactured pottery. My Fiesta-ware is about as close as I can get to “handmade”.

Anyway, I’m certain I won’t keep everything I’ve made, but I’m not sure what I want to give away because I love everything that I’ve made SO much. We shall see. I know it will feel nice to know that my lovingly made pieces will find nice homes in my family and friends but it’s still hard. It’s like giving someone a small piece of yourself. Which is good because then they have it, but it’s hard too.

On another note: I MISS WEAVING!! I haven’t woven anything for a couple of months and it’s very sad! My poor Mac sits empty and unused. I feel guilty! I just really don’t have time this semester! I’m so busy! Two jobs, and a full load of classes is a lot. I never have time to just sit.
I keep hoping that maybe over fall break (this weekend) I’ll get to sit down and at least dress the loom so I can weave when I have a chance. I have an 8yd. scarf warp ready to be put on and I think I’m going to just thread it for tabby. That way at least I’ll be able to get some scarves out. I think it could be quite simple and lovely. And I’m all about simple and lovely. It’s a Rayon in natural colors and I think I’d like to just let that speak for itself.

Just talking about it makes me want to do it! I’m a bit nervous about winding an 8yd. warp on the loom in my tiny apartment, but I somehow managed to do it on the little Dorset that I borrowed from mom last fall so I’m certain I can do it!! I’d like to try twisted fringe on the scarves and see how it works. I’ve never tried that form of finishing before and I need to learn sometime. Now if only I could find some time…


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