Hats…Pumpkin hats!

I’m already halfway done with my first hat from the Knit Picks yarns I just got earlier this week. I’m so excited!! If I get a chance I’ll try to put pictures up…It’s difficult not having a camera… Well, here’s some pics of the colors I’m using for the hat I’m working on. (Pictures from Knit Picks website) Anyway, I especially LOVE the orange. It’s called pumpkin which is perfect for fall. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this one done soon and get it and two others felted. I’ve been so busy going back and forth to the craft center that I haven’t had a lot of time to do other things.

Friday is the day that Weavezine articles typically come out and today was no exception. This summer I couldn’t WAIT until Fridays because it meant a new article! (And because it was the weekend.) I just glanced over the article, but just that and some Weavolution forum surfing made me miss weaving SO MUCH!! I’m definitely enjoying my time in the ceramics studio and I’m super excited about all the lovely bowls, tumblers and mugs I’ve made, but I miss the wonderful feeling of yarn and a shuttle in my hand. I’m hoping that maybe over fall break I can get that scarf warp on the loom and be able to just sit and weave every now and then in the evenings. It’s not like I have homework or anything. Seriously…I don’t study. Never really have. And I still manage to have a pretty good GPA…I don’t really care that much about grades.

I want to buy more yarn. (For weaving this time) haha. It’s a never ending cycle.


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