Wet Weather Days

The rain has been falling for two days now. It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow too. On days like this, I wish I could be inside weaving, knitting or doing something productive with crafts.

I’m getting quite tired of being wet all the time…And though I love ceramics and throwing pottery on the wheel, yesterday I just didn’t want to do it because it was wet, cold and dirty. And when it’s wet, cold and dirty outside, it makes it hard to want to do a thing that feels the same as being outside.

I’m sure I’ll have many of those days. Perhaps what I’ll end up doing to balance more than one craft is do ceramics during the summer (warm weather, when I don’t mind cold, wet clay) and weave and knit during the colder months. (since you generally want to be doing something inside anyway when it’s cold and icky out)

We shall see. I doubt I’ll stop doing either craft completely during the “Off Season”. I love them both too much. At least I’m taking throwing in the semester that starts off warm. It was awful taking intro to clay in the spring. It was freezing and it made it very hard to want to get in there and work.

I am very excited though to watch my skills improve as I continue through the semester. I’ve already gotten SO much better from last semester… And even just since the beginning of this semester! Right now I’m just experimenting with what I can do with the form. I can pretty much make a form every time I put clay on the wheel now. I have no trouble centering, coning, or entering and expanding the base.

Well I feel like I should be talking about weaving. But at this point it’s all just dreaming. I don’t have anything on the loom right now. 😦 I had planned on putting an 8 yd. scarf warp on Mac before school started but I ran out of time. My craft time had to be spent prepping for Fall Fun Fest. Oh well. Perhaps if I get some extra time on a weekend or something I can get something on there.


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