New fiber discoveries!!

I’ve been pretty busy with school lately and haven’t updated for a little while. I’ve been busy sewing messenger bags for the craft fair coming up this weekend. I’m getting excited! I’ve got three woven bags and one made from commercial fabric (’twas a mock up). I’ve also got three scarves and a small runner (possibly for a dresser or something…It’s not really long enough for anything…)
Anyway, that’s going to be very exciting. 🙂

But onto the reason for the post. Alright. I’ve known how to knit for years. I think the first time I ever knit anything I was probably 10 or 12. Not very old, not very patient. Needless to say, I gave up on it pretty quickly. It was boring and frustrating and took far too long. I’d start projects randomly and I managed to knit two scarves at some point, but I never really enjoyed it.

Part of this is due to the fact that I’m a very tight knitter. I get frustrated because thus far in my life I’ve mostly used acrylic yarn…It has it’s place, but that place is not in my hands. When I wrap the yarn around my finger to keep the tension, it rubs my skin in between my fingers raw. Not cool. Well I was over at my mother’s house over Labor Day and she knits like a mad woman. It’s wonderful and I love the things she makes. She knits with 100% wool yarn so she can felt the things she makes. They’re all lovely. I have been trying to convince her for months to give me one of the hats (or a bag) that she’s made. *lol*

Well I asked if I could try using some of her wool yarn. She pulled out her stash and gave me three skeins and a pair of circular needles. Now, I’ve never really knitted with circular needles so I didn’t really know what to expect…It. Was. Wonderful. I knit for about 4 hours straight. I’ve never been able to do that. I am now most of the way done with a lovely wool hat which will be felted once it’s done. It’s like I’ve re-discovered knitting and it’s possibilities and I’ve also discovered felting and all of its wonderful possibilities. I’m very excited about it. I like it because it’s something that I can take with me where ever I go (too bad I can’t knit in class!!) and it uses yarn. My favorite. 🙂 I must say I still love weaving far more than knitting, but I’m very happy that I can finally put an unused skill to good use.

I think I shall knit a few hats first. I get too frustrated knitting scarves. They’re too long. I like the circular needles. So I’ll stick with those and just knit up a storm of hats for now. I love hats anyway, and perhaps I can give them to people or sell them at some point. Obviously I’m quite excited. I like having something to keep my hands busy when I can’t sit at my loom.


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