Fall is finally here!

Tomorrow ends my summer. I will be starting back to college for my senior year. It’s definitely been a good summer and I’ve learned a lot about weaving. It’s been wonderful having a loom and hopefully I can continue weaving this fall. But it probably won’t be as much or as often.

I didn’t manage to get my loom re-dressed for another project before school started, but that’s okay. I’m planning scarves for my next project and a scarf warp doesn’t take long at all to dress. I’m thinking I might just do a tabby scarf set in some lovely natural colors of rayon that I have. I’m excited about them.

The weather has been lovely this weekend. Fall is my all time favorite season. I especially love the smell of crushed leaves that have fallen from the trees. (yes, I’m a bit of a romantic at heart.) Anyway, I really want to make things for people this fall so I’ll have gifts for Christmas and birthdays. (I have several birthdays in my family in Feb.) I’d definitely like to make a scarf for my sister-in-law. She’s 12 and she keeps asking me to make her one. 🙂 It makes me happy to know that I have that ability to make her something lovely and hand-made.
Ack. My brain is a bit all over the place right now. I’m going to talk more about this scarf thing. I think the longest part of dressing a scarf warp is winding the warp. I wound off an 8yd. warp so that will take longer than the other projects that I’ve done this summer. But it should go pretty smoothly since rayon doesn’t tangle and stick together as much as cotton.

I’ll be using a lovely pale yellow with a khaki stripe down the middle. I used almost all the yellow yarn up winding off two 8 yd. warps. I only had one lb. of that color and there’s 2500 yds. per lb. so that’s pretty much spent. I think I have enough to use it for weft for one scarf and the other two that will be on the warp shall have to be something else. I’m wondering if I can use the green, yellow, tan, and white variegated yarn I used a little of earlier this summer for one of them. It’s a lovely cotton(?) slub yarn and should weave up very nicely. For one of them I plan on using the khaki color that matches the stripe in the scarf.

I saw in a previous article on Weavezine a scarf (or…some other woven article…) that was done using natural dyes (fermented persimmons…But I can’t remember the name of the dye) and it was this lovely natural khaki, brownish orange color. I can’t really describe it. But it’s quite lovely. Well, I can’t get the color variation, but I have colors similar to that. So perhaps I can weave something similar. 🙂 That’s my next plan. I still have so many things that I want to weave!! I can’t wait to have a studio to work in. And time to work in it…


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