Messenger bag #1

I’m done sewing the first messenger bag. FINALLY!!! It looks SO GOOD!! I think it’s really cute. It was a bit of an ordeal to finish it. haha
So I was sewing along and everything was going well. And all of sudden something catches and it starts making this clunking noise. Well, I didn’t really freak out so I just kept trying to sew. But the clunking and catching persisted which was when I took the cover off the bobbin holder and there was something loose.
Amazingly at this point I still didn’t freak out. (I usually do…) So since it wasn’t working I took it immediately over to the store in town that does repairs and where I purchased the machine. The guy said it was something like a weight or a pin or something that holds the piece in that is loose and he can have it fixed by tomorrow. Yay! Good! Because I need to finish these bags!! I have to sew two more! I’m sewing mine last, but that’s okay. So I guess I just have one.

Anyway, once I got home from the quilt shop I was determined to finish the bag I was working on. There wasn’t much left to do and I still have my old Singer. My Viking just sits on top of the cabinet that the Singer is in. And the main reason why I needed a new machine was because the bobbin winder broke off of my Singer. It’s not much good if you can’t wind bobbins…And it’s a little old and finicky. I still have a love for it though deep down in my heart.

I unfolded the cabinet and pulled it out. Thankfully I had some red thread wound onto a bobbin for that machine! It’s really picky and you can only use these certain plastic bobbins in it. Anyway, I was most of the way done sewing on the strap (the last part I needed to do besides a little hand stitching) and wouldn’t you know it, the needle breaks. At this point I just laugh at the irony. I left the sewing machine needles in the OTHER machine’s storage compartment! Well now I’m just determined to get this thing done. I finished sewing on the strap by hand and did an invisible stitch to close up the top where I turned the bag right side out.

I still might need to do some stitching around the edge of the flap to make sure it stays in place instead of floating around. It looks REALLY nice though! I’m so happy with it! Especially the strap. I used some really pretty embroidery stitching that my Viking has and I think it makes the strap pop. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the other bag during the first week of school.

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