Still sewing

I think I’m finally done with mock ups. I’m currently working on sewing the actual messenger bag. (Just the first one. I still have two more!) It’s going pretty well so far. I’m having a hard time getting the flat bottom of the bag. I don’t sew it as a separate piece, I just sew across the corners so it makes like a triangle shape which creates a flat bottom. But I can’t remember how I got them so even on my last bag…So far on two mock ups and the actual bag, I haven’t been able to get them even. I had to pull the stitches out last night…This is especially hard to do with handwoven fabric.

I’ll get it eventually. I was just too tired to still be working on it last night. I’ve pretty much turned our entire apartment into my fibers studio. There’s fabric everywhere and bits of yarn and thread all over the place. There’s a trail down the hall to the bedroom (Where my sewing machine is) of fabric, yarn and thread. Ben has been very sweet and told me that since I’m there a lot more than he is, he doesn’t mind if I use the whole house as my studio.

I finally figured out a strap for the bags though. I was trying to come up with something that wouldn’t look like it was just stuck on there with no thought. What I ended up doing was using a lovely dark brown canvas. Canvas is a tough fabric and holds up well as a bag strap. But I still wanted to tie it in somehow to the bag. So I used an embroidery stitch on my sewing machine and ran three stitches down the length of the strap in red, yellow and pink. (three of the colors of the woven fabric.) I’m SO excited about how it turned out!! Hopefully when I get them finished I can put up photos of them.


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