Mock ups!

I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t do mock ups for a piece you’re planning on sewing, it’s going to be a disaster. So I’m currently working on a mock messenger bag so I remember how to sew them. I have to sew three…Well…four with the mock up. But I know this is a good thing. I got to go buy some mock up fabric (i.e. cheap fabric) and I also got some lovely cotton for the liner of two of the bags.

Since I can’t dye the fabric myself I was determined to at least try to find some fabric that wasn’t…tacky. Hancock had some lovely fabric that looks similar to a low water immersion. So I bought some in a peach and some in a pink variation. That way each bag will look completely different while having similar elements. It kills me that I have to buy “hand dyed” fabric instead of making it, but I’m just trying not to think about it too much and reminding myself that someday I shall have a beautiful studio space to work in and I won’t have to buy fabric besides white.

I do love buying white fabric. It’s so much fun to get it ready to be dyed. You scour it and then depending on what process you use you might throw it right in a pot of dye or you dye it and pin it down to a table to be printed on or do surface work. Goodness I miss that!! I love having my little stash of tools and my apron and gloves on, all ready to go. Creating things is such a wonderful process. I love it. It’s crazy to think that I’m going to school to create things. Like class is creating and learning new and better ways of doing that. How fun!

Whenever I’m in a studio working on a project and I start to get a little stressed or frustrated, I remind myself that I could be doing homework on paper or a computer instead of working with my hands to create art. I mean I could be writing a paper or doing math problems or studying a book. But no…My homework is do surface work on 12 samples of fabric, make 15 pinch pots, do a mock up of your wall hanging idea, build a foot stool from wood.
I have loved each of the classes that I have taken at the Craft Center. I loved wood working because it was something that I shared with my husband. We learned together and helped each other with our projects.
I’ve always loved fibers and taking the four fibers classes has opened my eyes to this vast medium that can be used for practical as well as artistic and sculptural.
Clay has been a wonderful experience after three semesters of fibers because it’s so much about instant gratification. It’s difficult to go from a 2 dimensional art form to a 3 dimensional one, but it’s so different that I love it! I love being able to make things so quickly. The only part of the process that takes a long time is firing, but it so worth it because you can create these wonderful pieces that are so beautiful and unique. I have sculptures, mugs, bowls, jars, pots, masks and all kinds of different things that I made in my last clay class. I can’t wait for clay on the wheel this fall! One full week left before school starts! I’m SO EXCITED!!!


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