Too exciting!!

This doesn’t really have anything to do with weaving, but I wanted to post about it anyway.
We got a new computer!! I am currently sitting on my couch with a 4lb. notebook on my lap. It’s an HP Mini and it’s very nice. I’m still getting used to the keyboard since it’s a little smaller but overall, so far I really like it. It’ll be convenient to just whip this sucker out in class. Very handy.

We’re gonna have to find some kind of case for it. I’d thought about weaving something and then sewing it up to fit around foam pieces so it would be a case that actually protected it. We shall see.
It will be nice to have a computer that is actually ours again. My parents lent us one of theirs and we haven’t felt like we should put anything on it since it didn’t belong to us. I did install weaving software, but other than that, I don’t think there’s much else we put on ourselves. I’ll have to download Weave Design for this one. I’m pretty sure it’ll be more difficult editing drafts on this computer because the screen is much smaller, but I can’t really complain. It’s still faster than drafting by hand.

It’s funny that I hate hand drawing drafts but when it comes to architectural drafting, I would much rather do that by hand than learn how to use the AutoCAD software. I’m generally good with just about anything that will speed up the process (usually computers) but for some reason, AutoCAD was one of the worst classes I ever had to take. It was right up there with my remedial maths, college algebra and chemistry. Ick!! So glad I’m done with all of those yucky classes.
Well since I’m now completely off the original topic, I’m going to go. I should be weaving right now anyways. I’ve gotta finish that shawl right?
~A very happy JoAnna

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