Weaving along

I’m not very far into the canvas weave shawl, but at least I’m actually weaving! I wove about 3.5 inches of tabby to fold up and sew a hem on later. I’m hoping that will be enough.
So far I’ve had a few minor problems. Nothing terrible though. Broke a warp yarn that was twisted (Thankfully just the one and not both that were twisted) I’ve found one weaving error, but I’m not going to go back and fix it. It’s really only evident to me because I’m the weaver. Also, I don’t mind having one or two errors in my cloth. I feel like it shows that it’s woven by hand and not machine. My instructor would completely disagree with me and tell me to fix it, but I have to become my own artist and my own person.

My clay instructor purposefully leaves the seam lines in the coffee mugs he builds using the soft slab technique for the same reason. He wants the buyer or viewer to understand that it was made by a person and not in a factory. I’ve always loved that idea and so I don’t freak out and go back if I’ve woven about 4 inches past the error. My instructor was once going to have me un-weave 11 inches just to fix a weaving error. That’s not something that I will ever do in my work that is not done at school. Some may say that’s bad craftsmanship, some say it’s laziness, whatever.
The main point of weaving for me is to enjoy the process of making my own cloth. It takes away from the enjoyment to fix every single error. I end up getting frustrated and stopping.

I believe I posted about this canvas weave shawl before and how I was concerned that a sett of 25 wouldn’t show off the lace weave enough. It actually looks quite lovely. It’s still soft enough and open enough for the canvas to be evident and catch the eye of the viewer. I’d forgotten how lovely canvas weave is. And I can feel when I release the tension to advance the warp that it will be a wonderfully soft shawl. I’m fairly excited about it. I still hope to be able to put the rayon scarf warp on before school…but that’s seeming less and less likely.

I also really need to sew up the messenger bags that I wove yardage for. I want to find nice liner fabric for them though and I haven’t had a chance to go to the fabric store yet. I guess part of me doesn’t want to. I’d rather dye fabric to be the liners, but I don’t really have that option right now. 😦 Someday…Won’t it be nice to have a studio to “play” in?


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