A picture's worth a thousand words…And now I know that

Sometimes re-reading things and examining pictures more closely can be extremely enlightening…I have been having major problems winding my warp onto my back beam and I just discovered part of the reason why…

I have been using a technique that I saw in the Weave Geek blog on Weavezine.com where you tie onto the back and pull the warp tails through the loom and hold them in one hand to tension while you wind on with the other hand. Okay here’s what I’ve been doing wrong. I didn’t look closely enough at the photo but upon second, closer look and re-reading the description provided, it appears that you are supposed to pull the warp under the front beam and not still have the warp threaded through the lease sticks…This has been my problem. I learned to wind on by leaving the lease sticks in. If you’ve ever done this then you know that there’s a lot of fiddling that goes on with the warp due to the yarns tangling around each other or essentially felting together if they’re more fuzzy.

Well now that I think about it, if you took the lease sticks out, that would basically fix the problem of yarns wrapping around each other. Also, the front beam is much stronger than flexible lease sticks held down with masking tape. I shall have to finish fixing the errors on my canvas weave shawl that I’ve been putting off and weave it up so I can try this “new” technique.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to weave the shawl! I definitely have. But when it takes about 2 hours to wind on a 3.5 – 4 yd. warp, you just don’t want to look at the project for a while. I’m really hoping that the actual weaving part goes more smoothly. I’m still a bit nervous about canvas weave and that my sett is going to be too tight. But I suppose that’s part of learning. And since that’s what I’m trying to do this summer, it’s good for me.

I’ve got a hankering to weave scarves though. All the more reason for me to get this shawl off the loom, washed, hemmed and ready to use! I have a 6″ wide warp that’s 8 yds. long all ready to be woven up. 8 yds? Goodness! I could weave that up into 4 scarves! Oh my! I need to get weaving! If I can get focused again, I could have all this done before school. Scarf warps don’t take long at all to put on. And if I can get a handle on this winding technique, it should go beautifully. Now to figure out what to do with each scarf…
P.S. It’s also possible that I have been winding my warp bundles too small. It appears in the photo that the instructor is only holding one or two bundles for a warp that is aprox. 12 – 15 inches wide. Perhaps I should try that as well…I’ve got a nice strong warping board that my wonderful husband built for me. 🙂


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