Ideas for class

I’m back on the teaching brainwave. I talked to my mother this morning about teaching the weaving class for the girls. I’m now even more excited. (If that’s possible…I might explode…) Anyway, she said definitely start with rigid heddle. It’s quick and easy and since one of the girls already has one (Not sure she knows how to use it…yet) that gives us enough looms for all three girls. (Which was one of my initial concerns) So now I just have to get the looms and figure out how to use them…I also want to find yarns that I think they’ll like. I know that it’s a good challenge when learning weaving color theory to experiment with colors you love and colors you hate together, but I don’t want to do that with them for a first project. We can do that later. I want to like weaving!
And when I first wove and had to pick colors I hated (Which is hard when you don’t really hate ANY color!) I got frustrated. Actually, I didn’t get to use the colors I picked. We worked in pairs and she said my colors and my partner’s colors went to well together. She told me to change my “like” color to one that was dark. I think we had a teal, lemon yellow and a muted purple…And I think my “like” color was aqua or blue. She made me switch it to a maroon. 😦 I guess the purple (my “hate” color) wasn’t ugly enough for her.

That was partially why I didn’t like weaving…Also I’d just come from learning about dyeing and it’s so simple to just throw some dye and fabric in a pot and sprinkle a little soda ash in it and see what happens. I dearly love weaving now though. I even like planning the projects out. Hopefully in the next three weeks before school starts back I will be able to figure out how to use each of the RH looms I have.


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