Frustration sets in over the weary weaver

I love little phrases like that in books. Yes. I’m frustrated. I keep making stupid mistakes. And I SWEAR it’s this reed!! I get so confused because I have to do sleying sequences instead of just either one yarn per dent or two yarns per dent.
I was supposed to have a sett of 20 epi but I have sett of 25.5 epi. That’s way too tight for a canvas weave! I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to pull out 4 hours of work but it’s not going to look right if I don’t do something to it.

As I see it I have these two choices: Re-sley the entire reed and end up with 6 extra inches of width (Which will be harder to weave because I only have 11 inch boat shuttles) or I could make the project something else…
I can’t believe this…But I think I’m going to just pull it all out. I chose this yarn specifically because it’s soft and would make an excellent shawl. And if I leave the sett this tight it won’t feel as soft. Ugh. Well, here goes nothing.

5 minutes later…
BUT WAIT!! Hope springs anew in the heart of the weary weaver! *lol* I could just thread everything, wind on and then pull the yarn out of the reed and re-sley it before I tie onto the cloth beam and tension everything. It would still be about 30 inches wide instead of 24 but that’s okay. The main thing is that I really don’t want to re-sley the enitre thing right now. So perhaps this will work. I don’t like sleying the reed from the back like that, but it would be less frustrating than sitting for another 4 hours doing the exact same thing I did yesterday…Hmmm…Yes. I choose this path instead. 🙂


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