At last! Another project!

I began sleying the reed for the canvas weave shawls today. I wound off a little over 4.5 yd warp so hopefully I should have no problems getting two shawls out of that. The yarn, so far, is a bit frustrating. It has a bad habit of essentially felting together while pulling the yarns through the cross. I’m trying to remind myself how bad it was the last time I wove canvas weave which will, hopefully, cause myself to realize that this really isn’t that bad.

I’ve decided that the only part of dressing the loom that is really not so much fun is threading. I pretty much don’t mind any other part. Yes, all of it gets frustrating at times, but threading hurts my back the most and is frustrating. I guess winding on is also frustrating. But at this point that’s mostly due to having a large loom in a small space with too much furniture…And no trapeze. (which I’ve decided I must have once I have a studio with a taller ceiling… 🙂 Otherwise that part isn’t so bad. I can’t really understand why it was so much easier at school. Seriously. I wound on an 11 yd. warp in probably about the same time it takes me to wind a 5 yd. warp now… I did have help on that one, but that wasn’t until I was about half way done winding it on.

I think part of it is probably just having a space devoted to weaving alone. It’s really hard for me to focus when I’m surrounded by…well…my house. I know that sounds silly, but I’m beginning to realize how important it is to have a seperate space in your house to do your craft. I’ve…probably already posted something along these lines. Oh well.

I really need to figure something out for pictures. This drives me crazy that I can’t post pictures on my blog! Oh if only I had a simple digital camera! Someday I shall. What a boring blog it is without images of me working, my work, and other things that need to be seen. Like keeping records of working! Well, I was only taking a minor break between winding off and finishing the reed sleying. I shall continue to work and rant more later. 🙂


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