More Learning! And…Dyeing?

So it seems like I’ve had every problem I can (and can’t) imagine go wrong. What’s currently on my loom isn’t what I wanted it to be…Originally I had planned on it being straps for the bags I’m going to make out of the yardage I wove. Well, in a nutshell, it’s ugly and I don’t like it. *lol* I think the weft is too thick for the warp and it makes it far too stiff and I think it would be uncomfortable slung over the shoulder. It would become that bag that you don’t like to use because the strap scratches your neck.
I want to use the warp because I love it. So here’s the plan: I’m just going to weave it up into skinny scarves. There’s a pattern for a skinny scarf on the Interweave site and mine is of similar size. I think I might have to buy a skein of yarn or something. I’m not sure yet. Since I’ve changed my mind about what I’m making, I’m going to sample a little bit at the beginning. I’ve tried several different colors that I have in my stash and I don’t like anything yet. I”m going to try a tan 10/2 cotton and see if that works better with the colors. The white was FAR too bright.

Hmm…Another option that just popped into my head is dyeing a ball of yarn for this project. That could work nicely…I just saw this way of dyeing a ball of yarn on…Goodness can’t think of her name…Bellwether was in the name of the blog. Anyway, the technique was to wind a ball of yarn loosely, soak it in warm, soapy water first and then dip it into the dye. (You put a string through the middle of the ball) This seems simple enough. I would think you would batch it and then rinse it and then wait for it to dry? I can’t think of a way of getting it dry…If I had a dryer tray that would work, but I don’t. 😦
Anyway mom has these pigment dyes from Dharma Trading Co. and she’s dyed several silk scarves with them. I’m wondering if I could use those. It’s definitely worth a try!! And perhaps I can do that next week since I have a week off from work. I might buy a skein of white yarn or I could wind a ball using some white 10/2 cotton I have. Ooooohhh! The prospect of dyeing something makes me so excited!! I miss working in the dye studio. My favorite thing to do is the low water immersion technique because you basically just throw it in there with some dye and out comes a gorgeous piece of fabric. I miss having yards of white fabric and extra time waiting on something else and deciding to just throw it in there and see what happens. I love the spontaneity. I definitely know that I’m going to do something crafty this week. Perhaps I could use the pigment dyes to overdye some yarn for the canvas weave shawl I want to weave. I could just put blue on some of the yarn to give it a sort of variegated look. That way it would be two different shades of blue. Gah! The possibilities!

I wish I could take an independent study and just do that all day. I definitely shall do it when I have my own studio. I love the simplicity and beauty that comes from it. And you can also layer techniques on top of that to create different effects. *sigh* if only I had the money to buy my own dyes. Oh well. At least I can dream about it. I shall go for now and continue to dream about dyeing and weaving. These are a few of my favorite things!


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