Yesterday I was presented with a wonderful opportunity: Teaching 3 girls how to weave. I’ve known each of these 12 year old girls pretty much since birth so I’m very comfortable with the WHO part of teaching.
Okay…While this is extremely exciting, I’m also terrified.
I’m very excited about this because I love weaving so much and I want others to share my love of weaving. BUT! I’m scared of the actual teaching part. I don’t know that much about weaving!! I’ve only been weaving for about 2 years and have probably only woven about…20 things all together. I’ve made plenty of mistakes which is good because I can learn from them. I’m just concerned that I’m at the stage where I have quite a bit of knowledge, but don’t know yet how to teach it.

I’m pretty sure I can teach plain weave with a comfortable amount of confidence. And honestly, since I don’t know that any of these girls are going to want to carry this further, I think starting with plain weave would be excellent.
I’m definitely not going to start them with a sample. Or if I do, I’ll make it so that they can turn it in to something. And NOT have to cut the entire thing into tiny 2 inch strips that are all neatly labeled and can be used for reference later. My first sample was so badly woven it wasn’t really practical as a reference guide. So I don’t think it really makes sense to do that.

I think, if I do this, I’d want to start them with either scarves or enough yardage to sew a purse/messenger bag.

Here’s another issue I’m facing: I don’t have enough space at my apartment to teach, but my loom doesn’t move. I’m sure I could use mom’s little Dorset loom (I’m gonna just start calling it Dory) and mom also has two rigid heddle looms that I’m sure she’d let me use. Okay. I’m familiar with Dory. I’ve woven on her, I know her quirks, not a problem…I have no idea how to use the two RH looms. I wove on one of them when I was between 8 and 10 years old, but I have no idea how to weave on them now…I’m not afraid of learning though! I really want this to happen. I really want to teach these girls. I know that my sister-in-law (one of the girls) will eventually learn weaving anyways since I’ll be teaching her when my husband and I move to our shared farm where his family lives. But I really want to teach the other girls too because I love them both as well and I’m excited that they’ve expressed interest in weaving! GAH! I really want this to happen. Seriously…I just need to pray that God will show me if He wants me to do this and if He does, that He would show me HOW this is going to happen.
I just have to try really hard not to romanticize it in my mind. I have the worst habit of seeing things going perfectly and freaking out when they don’t. I’m really going to try not to let that happen.


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