It looks like canvas weave has it

I started the calculations today for a canvas weave shawl. So I guess that will be my next project. I think I’m going to weave it with rayon. ( I think it’s like 5/2 rayon…but at Webs they call it 6-ply rayon…so that’s not really helpful in telling what size it is.) I’ve used this yarn before when weaving on my mom’s little 22″ Dorset loom and it did well sett at 20 epi. I think this will be a good sett for canvas weave. It’s loose enough to show off the weave effect and the yarn is large enough to make it not too loose. I should probably do a sample, but the problem is that I really only have a pound of the yarn I plan on using and the shawl will take pretty much the entire pound because the width at the reed will be 24″. Goodness. I need a 10 dent reed!! Perhaps someday soon. I think the next time I start thinking about buying yarn I’ll have to buy a reed instead.

Alrighty. I also “have” this lovely 8/2 yarn that I might use for another shawl later. (I say “have” because it’s over at my mom’s house right now.) I was thinking I might use it for towels, but mom wound off a sample ball of yarn for me on her new ball winder and it’s much softer than I thought it would be. I think it’s because the two plies of yarn aren’t twisted as tightly as the other 8/2 yarn I have. Anyway, there’s a lot of that yarn so it would be excellent for weaving a larger project like this. Also, 8/2 yarn might work better than 5/2 yarn…again, the dents in my reed are too close. 😦

It’s just nice to think that someday Ben and I will have our studios set up and there won’t be as much need of equipment. I’m quite certain there will always be a WANT of equipment, but I’ll at least have more than one reed someday and it will make things much easier.

I’m hoping to wash some of the pieces that I’ve cut off the loom tonight so I can start sewing them into things. Won’t that be nice? Since I’m going to have a week off of work the week after next, it would really be ideal for me to get things washed and ready to be cut and sewn together during that week. I still have to weave the straps for them. But hopefully I can do that next week. Since the straps will only be about 3 or 4 inches wide on the loom, it shouldn’t take long to dress or weave them up. I had thought about trying to weave two sets of straps at once, but now I’m thinking I shouldn’t complicate things.
I’m also planning on sewing the two different straps together so that they are different colors on each side. An added design feature. Also, I think the straps will be too thin and flimsy to withstand the kind of abuse that a bag strap takes if they are used alone. Just some more thoughts, updates and info.


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